Positivo International School Partnerships

Partnerships that will take your child further!

Positivo International School has a range of partnerships, looking for educational collaborations to offer the best for our students.

One of the school’s most recent partnerships is with a company specialized in admissions in universities in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, and Australia. With this partnership, students have guidance to develop their portfolio from the 9th grade onwards, and its assistance is suited to the student’s needs.

In addition, Positivo International School is an IELTS partner isntitution. The main advantage of this partnership is that students take the test at their own school, in a familiar environment, which brings them confidence when taking the assessment.

The school has partnerships with several foreign universities, for example, the European Business School, which has campuses in Switzerland, Spain and Germany. With the support of the European Business School, the student does not pay an application fee. This partnership provides direct contact between the school and university professionals, ensuring that students are more familiar with foreign universities.

Berlin School of Business and Innovation, a university in Germany, which has its doors open to our students. The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança is another partner, providing seven exclusive vacancies for Positivo International School students through the IB Diploma Programme and the Enem (High School National Exam).

Positivo International School is part of the Brazilian Association of IB Schools (BAIBS), strengthening our ties to other IB schools, promoting the exchange of good practices and the continuous improvement of the IB programmes in Brazil.